Welcome to EZ lab!

With an official launch in 2011, EZ lab unites the research group of Dr. MatjaĆŸ Kuntner started in 2005 at the Institute of Biology, Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU). EZ stands for Evolutionary Zoology: our research covers many zoological topics that bear on evolution.

What we do

Systematics and Evolution

Most of our ongoing projects have a systematics component, ranging from targeting species discoveries, providing their diagnoses through integrated taxonomy, followed by phylogenetic analyses of morphological, behavioral and molecular data, and their biogeographic implications.
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Behavioral Ecology

We are interested in how natural and sexual selection shape behaviors. Small males and gigantic females of nephilid spiders engage in peculiar sexual repertoires such as genital mutilation, amputation and plugging, as well as mate binding and guarding, and sexual cannibalism as the ultimate result of sexual conflict. [read more ...]

Biodiversity and Conservation

Our efforts in conservation involve deep freezing of invertebrate animal tissues and their DNA, providing DNA barcodes for these animals as a unique identification tool, and research into conservation priorities of selected taxa using evolutionary distinctiveness and phylogenetic diversity.
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